Pay Attention to This Before Choosing a Copy Machine

hasil print ricoh printer fotocopy

hasil print ricoh printer fotocopy

Before you make a choice on a photocopy machine that you’ll use for business, you must pay attention to several considerations. Because this will affect the your business operational smoothness. By having a machine with good performance, of course the business will run smoothly. Many places where photocopies are serving customers are found that the machines used are not running well and smoothly. If this happens then losses on both parties will occur, first on the consumer side will feel disadvantaged because of time wasted. While the impact for your business is loss of consumer confidence. This photocopy business is a long-standing business. This business can also provide benefits for the perpetrators. The right and strategic location selection. Good service will make your business trusted and get more profit. One of the factors that influence service is the selection of good and quality photocopiers. For the selection of a copy machine, here are some tips that you can apply. It is expected that what I write can provide a little insight to you who are beginners in running this copy business.

Availability of service points and spare parts

A good quality photocopiers will usually be used by many businesses because they are known for their toughness. With so many uses, the distributor will consider the availability of service networks and spare parts. With the service network, it will make it easier for you if at any time your machine has problems, damage, or routine maintenance. That way, your business will not take too long a holiday.

Choose a copy machine according to your business needs

There are many types of photocopiers from various brands on the market. Previously we had to estimate what type of machine was needed. If only serving photocopies is enough to use an analog machine. However, if you add other services such as scanning, e-mail, etc., you can choose a digital copy machine with more features. It’s a good idea to have two photocopying units in your place of business. That way customer service will be faster and you have a backup if one of the machines is damaged or has a problem. But this depends on the availability of capital that you have. If indeed your capital is limited, there is another alternative, which is to rent it.

Determine a Quality Authorized Distributor

Copy machines that are circulating in the Indonesian market are generally through distributors, so we as prospective users must be smart in choosing them. A good distributor will provide clear information regarding the products he sells. Is the product really new, reconditioned, or even the engine is used. If we choose the wrong distributor, we may be given items with used conditions but the price is high. Well, if you don’t have enough experience, then you can invite more experienced colleagues. PT. Modern Data Solusi can be the right choice as an Authorized Distributor for copy & printer machine products for the RICOH brand in Indonesia.


Even though you already have a quality copy machine and are expensive, it is still a man-made machine. So that there are deficiencies. This is when we need a warranty from the seller. If there is damage or malfunction of the machine purchased, then you can submit a replacement or repair for free because it is still in the warranty period. If the distributor you choose is really high quality, then they will dare to provide a guarantee as proof that the copy machine that they sell is a reliable product. This can also be seen from how many warranty periods are given.


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