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Reasons to Buy a Photocopier at an Authorized Distributor of RICOH Copier Machines! If you live in an area close to offices, colleges or schools, you can try the photocopy business. The photocopy business in these places is promising because employees, students and schoolchildren always need duplicate documents. Besides you have to complete the business with other writing instruments. The business has a good opportunity to make big profits.

In starting a photocopying business, what you need to pay close attention to is choosing a copy machine. Photocopiers are the main tool in the business. The feasibility of the copy machine will affect the smooth running of your business. Of course you don’t want your customers to complain because of the length of the copy process and the poor copy results. This will certainly impact on the reputation of your business.

When choosing a photocopier, the first thing you will consider is the brand. The RICOH brand is the most recommended copy machine brand. The photocopier from RICOH comes in the latest types and types with advanced features and reliable speed. The price varies depending on the type. You can buy it at Authorized Distributor of RICOH copiers at prices that you can adjust with the availability of funds.

In addition to the best brand recommendations, you should pay attention to whether the place to buy the copy machine has the availability of parts and customer service. Both of these will be useful if one time your machine is damaged. You can immediately look for spare parts at Authorized Distributor of RICOH photocopiers and will certainly be handled by professionals who are already experts in photocopy machine repair.

You will also be happy if you can choose many types of copiers. With many and varied choices, you will be able to adjust to the needs and the amount of funds that you prepare. Photocopiers that not only have a copying function, but also print and scan functions are currently in high demand. You can find the copy machine with this function in the Authorized Distributor of the RICOH photocopier. With various functions, your business will be more in demand and smooth.

In addition to the features and advantages, you should also pay attention to whether the photocopier you buy is accompanied by an official guarantee or not. The guarantee of a product, especially electronic products is very important because it will guarantee the quality of the copy machine. If without a warranty, you may experience a loss if the machine breaks down faster before you are satisfied using it. This official guarantee can be obtained by buying a photocopy machine at Authorized Distributor of RICOH photocopiers.

Large copiers can be troublesome when carried. This will not be a problem if the place you bought the machine has provided delivery service. All you have to do is show your home address and the clerk will deliver the machine you bought to your home. Even if you have difficulty in assembling it, the officer will help you until the copy machine is ready to use. This service also applies if the machine is damaged and needs repair.

Those are some things related to considerations when buying a copy machine. It’s a good idea to buy an RICOH photocopier at an authorized Authorized Distributor of RICOH photocopiers. Because you are an Authorized Distributor, you will get many benefits. The photocopier you buy will also be guaranteed of its quality and care because of the availability of spare parts at the authorized Authorized Distributor.


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