List of RICOH 2019 photocopy machines and their specifications

RICOH fotocopy MP2501SP

List of Ricoh Photocopiers and their specifications. The publishing world is often equated with the printing world. Although book publishing also has a printing process, these two realms are clearly different. Sometimes, there are also those who suggest opening a photocopy service as well as hearing a job in the publishing sector. Indeed, it is no secret that opening a photocopy business in an office and school area is a business that promises its benefits.

Well, for those of you who have plans to open this business, you should consider several things. Especially in the selection of high-quality copy machines. This is very important because it will determine the sustainability and smooth running of the business. For that, I will try to recommend one of the brands in the list of the best copy machines, namely RICOH.

If you choose the wrong copier, the result can be fatal. The business in the photocopy service that you are trying to wrestle can quickly go out of business. Photocopiers are also divided into high, middle and low classifications. To start a photocopy business, you should choose a copier brand that is at the top level.

Photocopiers at the top level have their own advantages. As a recommendation and consideration for you, this article will help you get to know one of the characteristics and types of photocopiers that I took from the list of top-level copy machines. Well, just go for the RICOH brand copier.

In photocopying businesses with small to medium scale, Ricoh products are widely used because the price is affordable and the specifications are complete. Well, one of the most widely used types of Ricoh by photocopy business owners is MP 1800 L2. This product is the latest type of Ricoh manufacturer that can answer business and office needs with a copy of the volume of around 1,800 sheets every month.

In addition, this type of Ricoh is equipped with one paper tray and pattern cover, and this machine has a simple design. From the data list of copy machines, this Ricoh MP 1800 L2 is the most suitable product for users of 5 to 10 people.

Toner in this copier has normal copy capacity or standard 7000 sheets and the replacement is also easy to do. The copy speed and print speed of this machine is quite large compared to other types, which is 18 ppm. Indeed this type of machine is a favorite of entrepreneurs.

When viewed from the list of top-level photocopying machines, the Ricoh engine of this type occupies the third position. Not only is this type commonly used in photocopying. But there are several other types of a total of more than ten types of photocopiers with the Ricoh brand.

To start a photocopy business there are a number of things to consider besides the selection of a good quality copier brand. Among these are the availability of electronic spare part components on the engine and service network. Choose a copier that also produces spare parts that are easily found in your area.

From one of the brands that I took from the list of top-level copy machines, the use of the Ricoh brand is indeed too broad. But for the price, durability, reliability and reliability of this brand, there is no need to doubt. If you really want to work in this field, you must be smart to look for the strengths and weaknesses of a copier product. So that the existence of these product creatures helps your business run smoothly and well.


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