Modern Data Solusi Expose RICOH Ri 100’s Strengths


Through Modern International Tbk, Indonesia is ready to support the garment industry in Indonesia where its subsidiary, Modern Data Solusi, is ready to distribute Ricoh DTG Ri 100 products throughout Indonesia.

Modern Internasional Tbk, which is the parent company of Modern Data Solusi, officially distributes Ricoh Ri 100 Direct to Garment (DTG) products. Printers provide the latest solutions in the world, direct to garment printing (DTG) allowing printing various applications such as shirts, goodie bags, sarongs pillows and so on with a maximum size of up to A4.

The advantages possessed by Ricoh DTG Ri 100:

  1. Minimalist design
  2. Produce high quality images and products
  3. Easy to operate design software
  4. Unbelievably low prices
  5. Reliable, safe, and easy maintenance

Ricoh Ri 100 Direct to Garment Printer (DTG) by providing the latest solution for the world of printing Direct to Garment (DTG). Can print directly on fabric using the latest DTG technology so you can print t-shirts or personal bags for customers. With Ricoh Ri 100 you can now create your own new products easily and with quality.

The Ricoh Ri 100 is an entry-level Direct to Garment (DTG) printer that offers printing up to A4 size at an affordable price. This is very suitable for new businesses or small retail stores that have low volume printing needs. Ri 100 is equipped with a standard tray that allows printing on a variety of applications such as shirts for children, tote bags, flags, polo shirts and so on.

Impressive print speeds of 80 seconds in Speed mode and 150 seconds in Fine mode (default), making it ideal for businesses that offer on-demand printing. A minimalist design, ideal for a minimalist workspace besides this printer is also easy to carry or move wherever and whenever so it will be very suitable if this printer is used to print shirts at various events or events that are taking place at that time.

Using garment inks that provide long-lasting print results with maximum color, low printing costs compared to other DTG printers on the market, make the DTG Ricoh Ri 100 printer the best choice to complement your business.


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