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Pro C7210X/Pro C7210SX

• Simplex and Duplex 360gsm (up to 13”x19.2” standard size) w/ RT5120 VF LCT
• White + CMYK printing in a single pass
• Duplex print on oversize media up to 27.5” and simplex print on oversize media up to 49.6”
• Carbonless Paper is supported when printing from Vacuum Feed Trays
• In-line Sensor for In-line Calibration and Auto Registration
• EFI Color Controller E-45A & E-85A running FS300 Pro platform



RICOH Pro C7210 Series Graphic Arts Edition

The Pro C7210 Graphic Arts print engines are Ricoh’s next generation 4 and 5 station technology series.
These production class digital presses enable customers to expand their business and deliver outstanding &
unique printed pieces to their customers at speeds up to 95ppm.
These new systems have a maximum monthly volume of up to 240K prints (based on Letter size paper), and
a duty cycle of up to of 800K prints. Outstanding image quality is achieved thanks to further improved VCSEL
technology that enables 2400x4800dpi laser resolution image quality. The Pro C7210 Graphic Art series
supports a wide range of media types and weights of up to 360gsm in both simplex and duplex. Oversize
sheet capabilities have been enhanced to print up to 49.6 inches simplex and up to 27.5 inches duplex.
Part of these series is the Pro C7210 Graphic Art, an 85ppm printer that comes standard as a 4 station
(CMYK) production printer, which can be field upgraded with 5
th station for special colors.
An exciting new option is the Toner Interchange Unit, customers can enable their Pro C7210 Graphic Arts 5
station systems to print White + CMYK in a single pass, maximizing productivity when producing print outs
on Metallic, translucent/transparent, and Colored media.
In a fierce competitive market where it is difficult to stand out from the crowd, the Pro C7210 Graphic Arts
series offers print providers with a wide variety of game-changing features that address numerous
applications such as adding a clear varnish to accentuate designs, printing white directly onto color or
metallic foil media or invisible red for adding security for tickets or special event passes. Add Neon yellow or
pink to create greater impact to the print and extend the color gamut.


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Additional Information

◼ 85-PPM and 95-PPM Colour and B/W print speeds ◼ 17” Smart Operation Panel ◼ Two Friction Feed Trays ◼ Inline sensor for Calibration and Auto-Registration ◼ Media Identification Unit ◼ Media Management Tool ◼ Attention Status light ACCESSORIES ◼ 5th Station Replacement Kit Type S9 ◼ Toner Interchange Unit Type S9 ◼ TCRU Type S9 (Set A/B/C) ◼ Vacuum Feed LCIT RT5120 ◼ Vacuum Feed LCIT Oversize Tray Option Type S9 ◼ Multi Bypass Tray BY5020 ◼ Multi Bypass Tray Oversize Tray Option Type S9 ◼ High Capacity Stacker SK5040 ◼ Cover Interposer CI5030 ◼ Perfect Binder GB5010 ◼ Ring Binder RB5020 ◼ Multi-Fold Unit FD5020 ◼ SR5050 Finisher ◼ SR5060 Booklet Finisher ◼ TR5040 Booklet Trimmer ◼ GBC Punch Ultra ◼ GBC Streamwire (To be released post launch) ◼ Plockmatic PBM350/500 Booklet Maker ◼ Plockmatic HCI3500 High Capacity Interposer ◼ Plockmatic MPS Oversize Sheet Stacker ◼ E-45A Color Controller ◼ E-85A Color Controller ◼ RICOH TotalFlow Server R-62A