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RICOH Ri 1000



RICOH Ri 1000

Direct to Garment printer

  • 1,200 x 1,200 dpi
  • 7-inch touchscreen panel
  • Supports white ink
  • Optional platens

High performance with impressive print speed

RICOH Ri 1000 provides the perfect combination of smart technology, fast print speeds, and high output quality, enabling customers to expand their garment decoration portfolio. Versatile and productive, it uses Ricoh’s variable drop size inkjet technology and CMYK + white pigment inks to print high resolution graphics onto light and dark coloured fabrics. It supports cotton and polyester and can be used to personalise T-shirts, tote bags and other merchandise.

  1. High quality output
    The industrial-grade printheads used are durable and robust, providing accurate and consistent prints on every application
  2. Excellent productivity
    Automatically detects the thickness of the garment, ensuring the table height is set precisely each time to save time and increase productivity
  3. Easy to use and maintain
    Maintenance functions such as intelligent auto clean, white ink agitation, and continuous monitoring of ink supply and air levels are all automated
  4. Quick-change platens and a range of size options
    Available in multiple styles and offer the flexibility to print in sizes up to 406 x 508 mm


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