PT Modern Data Solusi: RICOH Printing Solution and Authorised Distributor



PT Modern Data Solusi is RICOH Printing Solution and Authorised Distributor. Nowadays, many small and medium-sized businesses have sprung up in the wider community, one of which is the photocopying business that has become nation-widespread. This is also driven by rapid economic development and increasing spending. Even more sophisticated technology has penetrated the world of printing technology. Namely with the renewal of the increasingly sophisticated digital copy machine features. Its sophistication allows us not only to copy but also print or scan data. This certainly makes the potential number of customers increase. If in the past customers only came to photocopy important or necessary files or volumes with laminating only. While people who want to print data must go to the internet cafe that provides printers. So now you don’t have to bother anymore, just come to a photocopy shop that has a sophisticated photocopy machine to do it. If you want to open a business like this, you have to buy a copy machine at a distributor that sells photocopying machines.


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