RICOH DTG Ri 100 : Assessing The World Of Education

tutorial ricoh DTG 100

Mid-June 2019, the RICOH Indonesia team fulfilled the invitation of the Politeknik Negeri Media Kreatif commonly known as Polimedia Jakarta to present the garment printing machine, the rising DTG Ri 100 in creative industry entrepreneurs. Polimedia is a public university specifically designed to provide skilled personnel to meet the needs of Human Resources in the Creative Industry sector in the coaching and development of graphics, publishing and graphic design.

In meeting the needs and following the development of the design and graphic industries in the country, Polimedia has almost all types of printing machines as educational materials for their students. Ranging from digital indoor, outdoor, to various production printers on the market. This time Polimedia aimed at the direct to garment digital printing category machine, aka the digital screen printing machine to meet the educational needs of students majoring in graphic and fashion design, in terms of technology, mechanisms, and trends that are developing in the printing world.

For this need, Polimedia is aiming for RICOH Ri 100 as one of the strongest candidates with several considerations, namely because the reputation of the RiCOH brand has proven to be good and the technology carried by this machine is fairly advanced, in terms of design Ri 100 has the advantage of compact, modern, simple and efficient. In terms of price, compared to similar products with premium quality, Ri 100 is already economical, with low production cost calculations, small resource use, and a long lifetime, aka strong and durable.

Based on these considerations, it is expected that Ricoh Ri 100 technology can be a good reference for the advancement of the world of education in the country, especially in the fields of graphics and design, so that our human resources can compete in creating technology and compete in creative industries on the world market.


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