RICOH Family Gathering 2019 – Cairns Australia


In mid-May 2019 the top management of PT. Modern Data Solusi departs for Cairns, Australia to run the company’s annual event. This departure is not just a recreational or tourist activity, but to fulfill the invitation of RIOCH in the event which is the annual routine of RICOH Asia Pacific, namely Ricoh Family Gathering or commonly called RFG. This event contains various activities involving all Official Distributors of Ricoh Photocopiers.

The RFG program that is routinely held on this annual agenda is a sacred activity for RICOH brand authorized Distributors throughout the Asia Pacific, because this event is a forum that becomes the meeting point for official distributors of RICOH photocopiers with direct Principals. Not only limited to a meeting packed with Gala dinner, the event also included several activities such as the annual meeting in business management, launching or socialization of the latest products / technologies, and of course what was definitely awaited was the “Night Award”.

In this RFG event, PT. Modern Data Solusi is not only present as an invited guest, but is one of the Official Distributors invited by RICOH ASIA PASIFIC to receive the award, as well as several awards won by PT. Modern Data Solutions are Top Revenue Growth and Excellent Sales Performance.

Both of these awards show how the quality of PT. Modern Data Solusi as the official Distributor of RICOH Photocopiers can be a company that excels in the sales service of Ricoh Photocopier products.

In this event RICOH also introduced the newest copy machine, the IMC Series, which in the future will replace the previous engine type. The RICOH Photocopier with the latest series is expected to become a leading copy machine that can dominate in terms of technology and quality from its competitors.


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