Ricoh Participates in The 5th Indonesia Printing Summit & Awards 2019


When world attention was focused on digital, Indonesian print media industry met in Jakarta to attend the 2019 The 5th Indonesia Printing Summit & Awards with the theme “Digitally Print Revolution 4.0.” The event was held at the Ibis Kemayoran Hotel Ballroom, Jakarta, on April 11, 2019 and was attended by print industry business people from all over Indonesia.

This prestigious event for print business begins with a Presentations Seminar and continues with Awarding Night “PrintPack Indonesia Awards.” In the 2019 Indonesia Printing Summit Presentations Seminar, a number of speakers who are familiar players in the printing industry sector also provided insights regarding the importance new technology and innovation in the world of printing.

Purnomo Ananto, Director of Creative Polimedia gave an explanation of “The Importance of human resources of Graphic/Vocational Skill in the Industrial Age 4.0” which was followed by a seminar hosted by Adi Vidyanto, COO of, which helped provide insight into “Multi Channel & Multi Platform Printing Industrial in 4.0 Era. ”The person familiarly called Anto explained that e-commerce will continue to grow as many startups emerge.


The 5th Indonesia Printing Summit & Awards 2019 not only presented the two players, but also present Rudy Susanto, Founder of Printcoach Indonesia, and Hadiprawiro, CEO of Binter Jet Indonesia. The Presentations Seminar agenda was followed by the Q & A / Panel Discussion and 2019 PrintPack Indonesia Awards.

RICOH as one of the sponsors and brands who played a role in the development of the printing world in Indonesia, had the honor of displaying one of their rising products, RICOH Ri100, to conduct product demonstrations in the event.


Towards the afternoon, the Seminar Presentation was successful with the 2019 PrintPack Indonesia Awards. On this occasion, PrintPack specifically selected 20 nominated candidates who were selected 10 award winners from various categories with 2 special categories “Printing Educator” and “Lifetime Achievement.”


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