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We always move forward with new ideas and new ways to improve life. Change is driven by imaginative thinking. That is a proposition from the Ricoh brand. These two words describe the way we work with one another, the way we bring value to our customers’ businesses, how we interact with markets. They express our belief in the creative potential of individuals and organizations, our emphasis on forward thinking and positive results.

For those who want to change their business and take advantage of their people’s collective knowledge and imagination, the solution is as simple as imagine. change. This is more than just a new tagline. This is the essence of the Ricoh brand experience.


PT. Modern Data Solusi

Service & Business Solution

Printing cannot be separated from our current business world. With the support of a solid team, PT. Modern Data is here to fulfill your office needs by selling photocopying machines and also serving photocopying machines. With services and advantages offered such as:

  • Business Solution
  • Managed Document Service
  • Total Green Office Solution
  • Maintenance Service
  • Ricoh Global Service