Small and Medium Business Solutions: Photocopy Rental Business



Small and Medium Business Solutions: Photocopy Rental Business. Photocopy business is a small and medium scale business that is commonly practiced by the Indonesian people. The existence of this business is usually in crowded areas such as near government agencies, offices, or schools. Even though the cost of a copy or stationery tends to be cheap, from here you can also make a profit. Although fortunately not as big as we imagined, but this business has a large turnover. For the initial capital of this business, it can actually be dealt with so that it is not too costly. Here are the things you can do to work around this. If you want a little light capital, you can work around this by hiring it on a photocopy machine rental. The advantage of photocopying machines is that you do not need to be responsible for machine damage. The photocopy machine is quite risky in its operation so that there is a need for periodic maintenance from reliable technicians. Technicians are usually included in the rental fee. The rental price per month ranges from half a million to one million rupiah. Paper, ink, and technicians are included. So you don’t need to pay for maintenance anymore.

If you need a high quality copy machine, there’s nothing wrong with trying one of RICOH’s photocopiers. There are more than ten types of photocopiers under the Ricoh brand. Of course, each of the series has its own specifications. No need to worry about the quality, because RICOH photocopiers have been tested to be able to compete with other brands. Starting from the use of standards to sophisticated available in various series of these brands. Back again, we just need to adjust to our needs. Don’t forget the record that photocopier rental is only provided for office needs, not for other service needs. Because all of that will affect the selling value per copy. However, you don’t need to worry, you can still run the business by cutting other costs. For example, the cost of places, employees, and several other costs.

RICOH photocopying machines are officially distributed by PT Modern Data Solusi, Authorised Distributor RICOH in Indonesia.


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