Souvenir supports the tourism business

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“In Indonesia the tourism industry is increasingly becoming an idol. This can be seen from the increasing performance every year. In addition, tourism is also considered to have advantages because the majority of its activities are in the service sector. Tourism is also the most sustainable commodity and touches to the lowest level of society.

The Indonesian tourism sector is very promising. This sector is the core business of Indonesia. Tourism is the biggest contributor to GDP, foreign exchange, and employment, easily and quickly, “said Chairman of the Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants Association (PHRI), Haryadi Sukamdani, Saturday (9/22/2018)”.

The following is a news article that we quoted from one of the online news portals, containing statements about the business prospects of tourism in Indonesia which indeed proved to be very potential. Based on service products in the majority of its business activities, tourism activities also have other products in the form of goods that cannot be considered one eye in supporting the tourism business, namely souvenirs.

Souvenirs are one of the products that can bring the tourism industry to fame, functioning as an effective marketing instrument as well as additional revenue on a significant scale. In the era of the creative industry, souvenirs are a product that is in great demand by all people with the personal concept offered, souvenir products can have an emotional element to customers that makes them not reluctant to buy.

As the concept offered by the PT Modern Data Solusi team as a distributor of RICOH digital printing and fotocopy machines, in helping entrepreneurs develop their business introducing RICOH DTG Ri 100 digital garment printing machines as a tool to produce souvenirs in the form of digital screen printing with garment media such as t-shirts, bags, wallets, etc. To the Caldera Rafting & Outbound facility. With the RICOH DTG Ri 100 engine, tourists are expected to capture their personal moments into a media that can be displayed to the public in the form of something that can be worn, and with this it is hoped that it can lead to an emotional bond to the experience gained from tourist attractions.

Once pat, two flies are obtained. Maybe this proverb is right to describe how RICOH Ri 100 can be a supporter of the tourism business that is very calculated in increasing business values, especially in the field of souvenirs.


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