Want Savings Package, Find Authorized Distributor of Ricoh Copier Machine

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Want a Save Package, Find an Authorized Distributor who Sell Copier and Printer Ricoh! An ad that is very attractive to potential customers is an ad that contains a thrifty package. For example, buy one get one free, buy two get 3 and others. This is also used by photocopier dealers in advertising their products.

There are so many that offer a variety of economical packages relating to photocopiers. For example, a frugal package that contains a quote to buy a copy machine can get a printer for free. Or a quote about buying a maintenance free copy machine for 1 year.

But do not be tempted by offers that have not been proven. Although many offer a variety of economical packages, the quality and service provided is very disappointing. For that, look for an Authorized Distributor that sells Ricoh machines and printers if you have the intention of opening a photocopy services business.

There are several benefits to buying a photocopier from an Authorized Distributor. These advantages are as follows.

Guaranteed Quality
By buying at an Authorized Distributor, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the photocopier or printer offered. In the Authorized Distributor there is a quality control division that will re-check the quality and completeness of the machines to be sold.

Satisfying Service
In addition to selling copoh machines and Ricoh printers with guaranteed quality, Authorized Distributors also provide satisfying service. There are operators who are ready to help and answer everything you want to know. For example what are the frugal packages offered, what facilities will you receive or about how to pay. Several hunting numbers are available with several telephone lines. Thus, you do not have to wait long to get connected to the division you are looking for.

Lots of facilities
Another advantage if you buy a copy machine at an Authorized Distributor is that there are a variety of facilities available. Among them is the official service guarantee within a certain period. Generally, this guarantee is given for a minimum of 1 year, depending on the type of machine that you buy.

In addition, there are also facilities in the form of maintenance from the technician on a regular basis. But usually there is a separate policy regarding this matter. For example, providing maintenance for 6 months. If the machine has been serviced by other than an official technician from Ricoh, the facility in the form of a service and maintenance warranty will be forfeited.

Expert Services Available
A dealer that sells the best and most trusted Ricoh photocopiers and printers will certainly provide service services that are experts in their fields. When there are problems with the copier or Ricoh printer that you have, the skilled technician will be ready to help overcome them.

This also applies to customers who are outside the city or outside the island. Authorized Distributor of copy machines has an extensive service network that is ready to solve any problems that occur in Ricoh copy machines. Or you can also talk directly with skilled technicians and learn how to overcome them via telephone by following the instructions given by the technician.

Not only household needs, if you want a frugal package, look for Authorized Distributors who sell Ricoh machines and printers. There are attractive offers that you can get. For those of you who want to open a photocopy service business, don’t miss the opportunity to get goods of the highest quality and guaranteed quality.


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